We’re always looking for a way to present our big sports — football, basketball, baseball — in new an inventive ways.

Tony Briggmin — the newly-minted assistant sports editor of the Idaho Statesman of Boise — came up with a different motif for college football in today’s sports section. Using horse racing jockey silks in place of college team logos (click for a much larger view):

Tony writes:

Each week, in preparation for Bronco GameDay, Boise State beat writer Chadd Cripe, columnist Brian Murphy and I meet to discuss ideas for the cover story.

This week, Chadd suggested a racing form.

I don’t know much about horse racing, but I figured I could do something with jockey silks. Trying my best to stay in the spirit of the simple design of those garmets, I came up with designs for the college teams, utilizing the school colors. I stuck with type as a visual element because it enabled me to create patterns closer to the real thing, I think.

After those were created, I set up the race form and Chadd filled in the text blocks. We had a good time putting it together.

The horse racing motif worked well to present the information: The odds of winning a national championship this year, pedigree and so forth. Even if you don’t know anything at all about horse racing, you get it.

And these college-team jockey silks are a scream.

Alabama and Ohio State, of course:

Oregon and Boise State:

Arizona, Michigan and Michigan State.

Oklahoma and Nebraska:

Clever and entertaining. And sheer genius, from the mind of our good friend Mr. Briggmin.

A 1997 graduate of Kent State University, Tony worked as a sportswriter for the Tribune-Chronicle of Warren, Ohio, and for the Akron Beacon Journal before moving to the Herald of Bellingham, Wash., in 1997. He spent the past several years as the Herald‘s assistant presentation editor before leaping to Boise last month.

Find more samples of his work at the bottom of my previous post.