On the right is today’s front page. On the left is a Monday front from about a year-and-a-half ago.

See any changes?

The logo is just a tad larger, with more whitespace bluespace around the sides. I’m seeing some new typefaces. And things are lining up a little differently, especially above the fold.

A closer look at the new front:

Jim Hopkins of the Gannett Blog posted a memo last week that detailed some of the tweaks that debuted today. Among those changes:

  • The official blue of the A section has been darkened every-so-slightly with the addition of 10 percent magenta. The new breakdown: 100c.10m.0y.10k.
  • The official colors for the inside section fronts have also been tweaked, with the addition of 10 percent black to the sports red, money green and life purple.
  • Certain pieces of refer text are now greyed back 50 percent.
  • Page folios have been enlarged.

Now, none of this addresses the new font. Which is the real story here, in my opinion. No more Gulliver-only front pages, evidently.

If you know what that new sans-serif font is — or if you have any additional info about these design tweaks — please leave a comment or drop me a line. Thanks!

Find the Gannett Blog here.