Des Moines Register editor Rick Green announced Friday:

Ted Power and I have good news to share as we end the week: We have selected Nathan Groepper to be creative director at the Des Moines Design Studio.

In my four weeks here, Nathan has impressed me repeatedly. His sophisticated approach to design, his collaborative spirit, his willingness to coach a talented design team, his consistent creative approach to presentation and problem-solving and his communication style are assets that I’ve quickly come to admire. They’re essential skills that he will bring to our Design Studio.

I also have been impressed with the work done by all of our designers. Throughout our operation, the visual energy that this team creates is noticeable. I’m confident our readers appreciate what Nathan and his creative team produce. I’m certain that I do, too.

Nathan is an 12-year veteran of The Register staff. This promotion reflects his hard work and dedication to improving the visual quality of what we produce – on all platforms and throughout our portfolio. The Design Studio creative director reports to Ted and will spearhead our efforts to deliver solid, surprising, engaging and well-executed presentations to the newspapers who will rely on us starting later this year. Ted and I are confident Nathan is the right leader at the right time as we embark on this exciting new venture.

Please, congratulate Nathan. His move to the Design Studio takes effect mid-April.

A 1998 graduate of the University of Iowa, Nathan went to work right away at the Des Moines Register as a copy editor and designer. He was promoted in 2008 to presentation editor for features. He was promoted to design director a year later.

For those of you keeping track of the leadership of Gannett’s five new design studio hubs, here’s what we know so far (links go to our first reports)


Director: Tim Frank

Creative director: tba


Director: Ted Power

Creative director: Nathan Groepper


Director: Jim Kirchner

Creative director: tba


Director: Jeff Glick

Creative director: Javier Torres


Director: Tracy Collins

Creative director: tba

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