A look at day-after pages from Game One of the World Series…


Cardinals lead series, 1-0

Game 2: Tonight, 8:05 p.m. EDT at St. Louis


St. Louis, Mo.

Circulation: 196,232

Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter was the man of the night for the Cardinals. But staffer Chris Lee caught him during a defensive play at first base, back in the first inning.

The Post-Dispatch felt strongly enough about that photo to run it sideways on page one. Clearly, an unusual — and bold — choice.


Belleville, Ill.

Circulation: 50,045

That same play was on the front of the News-Democrat, across the river. Their reverse-angle photo is by staffer Derik Holtmann.


St. Joseph, Mo.

Circulation: 27,228

And ditto, the News-Press of St. Joseph.

As much as I love the design, here, I think a photo like this really calls for a cutline. The picture is from the AP.


Dallas, Texas

Circulation: 404,951

The Dallas Morning News built page on around a shot of players jogging onto the field after the game.

The picture is by Louis DeLuca.

Louis also captured what was probably the actual play of the game. In the 6th inning, pinch hitter Allen Craig — batting for Carpenter — hit to right field only to see Nelson Cruz muff the catch.


Fort Worth, Texas

Circulation: 151,753

And again, that same play — from a different angle and shot just a moment before — was lead art today for the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth.

That’s the right photo and the right crop. Unfortunately, the Star-Telegram had to resort to AP wire art to make it happen. A picture by staffer Ron Jenkins was used downpage at three columns.

Also, kudos to the Star-Telegram for picking up that do-it-yourself paper action figure idea the Denver Post recently used and applying it to the World Series. It gets a nice ride on page-one this morning.

Boo, hiss, however, for giving a vague “Star-Telegram.com” url to readers who might want to download it. I looked all over the site and damned near gave up before I finally stumbled over it. Either a) it’s a blatant attempt to hoard extra, extraneous clicks. Or b) it’s simply poor planning on the part of the web team. If you run a promo like this on page one, you should also put a direct link on your home page. Or, at least, on your World Series page.

Download the Nelson Cruz figure here. There’s even a fast-motion video by my old pal Steve Wilson showing you how to put it together.

Pretty handy if you’re all thumbs like me.

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