One of my favorite small papers — the 28,300-circulation Victoria (Texas) Advocate — is seeking what sounds like a universal desk staffer.

And given the cool, cool stuff they’re doing there in Victoria, I’d urge you to apply early and apply often.

Editor Chris Cobler knows the blog is a huge fan of his paper. So he asked us to help get the word out.

Here’s his ad:

Copy editor/page designer wanted for our Delivery Desk, which emphasizes both print and online packaging.

While much of the industry is mired in a downward spiral, we’re a progressive, family-owned company that sees the opportunities for growth. We’re on a quest to be one of the best community newspapers and digital delivery systems in the country. You’re the right person if you can help us get there.

Desired abilities include strong copy editing and headline writing, both in print and online, a good eye for design, and experience with digital editing. Ability to speak Spanish a plus.

We’re a 30,000-circulation daily in south Texas about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. We’re close to the beach and the big, fun cities of Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Houston.

To join our team, send your résumé, work samples and cover letter to:

the Victoria Advocate

Attention: Editor Chris Cobler

311 E. Constitution

Victoria, TX 77901

Or email him at:

ccobler [at]

Victoria is a nice little town, roughly equidistant from Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. It’s about 45 minutes, perhaps, from the Gulf of Mexico.

Google Maps

Famous people from Victoria: Baseball stars Doug Drabek and Ron Gant, Football stars Jerheme Urban and Kevin Kolb and wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The area is known for its small-town-type diners, a nice zoo and for light manufacturing. Apparently, a big Caterpillar plant will open there next year. (Note to self: Insert a “big butterfly” joke here.)

My take:

The most important thing for folks like us to know, though, is that Victoria is home to the Victoria Advocate.

This is the paper that is running a serial graphic novel — eight full broadsheet pages — for Halloween.



That ran a huge wrap-around cover on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

That does cool work every week with its entertainment tab (look here and here and here and here).



That posts a daily history-themed web comic created by two staffers.


That does incredible stuff with movie premieres.



Where the staff created not just a video for Halloween 2009. But a musical. With, like, real music. And staffers dancing around the newsroom.

And so on.

These guys do fabulously creative work. The editor enables folks there to fabulously creative work.

Apply for the job. Get the job. Do some fabulously creative work. Because I enjoy writing about it.