Ian Lawson of the Maysville, Ky., Ledger Independent has been hired by the new Gannett Design Studio in Louisville.

You might recall this page that I wrote about last month:

Shortly after, Poynter’s Julie Moos also wrote a piece about Ian.

Ian told us last night:

Not only did you make me feel like a design world rock star by mentioning me on your blog, but you have delivered me to a new career.

Ryan [Hildebrandt] from Gannett’s Louisville design studio saw my pages and got all stalker-like (his words, not mine) by tracking me down on Facebook and asked me if I would be interested in a job.

Long-story short is I just accepted a position and start in two weeks. I’m so excited that I could burst.

And what’s more, the timing is perfect. The 8,174-circulation Ledger Independent is owned by Lee, which is in the process of switching to a design hub itself. Ian says his paper was the second of 49 to move design work to the hub.

It’s been quite a shock to go from running the show to “advising” how someone six hours away should design your paper.

Ryan tells us:

We hired Ian as a news designer, and have no doubt he’ll soon be making an impact on an A1 soon to be named. We’re trying to find a news front with enough space to contain his big, bold design style.

Ian has worked at the Ledger Independent since August 2008. He told us last month:

I’ve only been doing this for about three years. I started with no training in news design. I just messed around in photoshop for fun. I kept learning and worked my way up to design editor last October or so.

A look at some of his work:



I named Ian’s Steve Jobs page the best of the day.

Ryan, by the way, has been very busy lately. He was kind enough to send along a long list of notable hires there in Louisville. I’ll get those posted later this week.