In honor of the Twelve Days of Christmas, here are the 12 most outstanding newspaper front pages as seen today at the Newseum


Cleveland, Ohio

Circulation: 243,299

The Plain Dealer sent its outstanding photography team out into the area and asked them to take Christmas card-like pictures. The best — by Lynn Ischay — ended up atop page one today.

Find all the other staff Christmas card pictures here.


Pittsburgh, Pa.

Circulation: 173,160

The Post-Gazette continued its tradition of featuring winter-themed art atop page one on Christmas Day. Today’s art showing Boyd’s Hill near Pittsburgh was painted by Martin B. Leisser in 1892.

Read more about the painting here.


Scranton, Pa.

Circulation: 48,216

In Scranton, the Times-Tribune gave full-page play to an illustration by staff artist Bob Sanchuk.

Note the newspaper’s own building in the background.


Williamsport, Pa.

Circulation: 22,839

And — also in Pennsylvania — the Williamsport paper played up a painting by Mickey Mapstone.

Williamsport also had some fun today with a story suggesting that should Santa decide to relocate from the North Pole, he might be wise to consider the Williamsport area. A “study” shows its strengths are toys, cookies, milk and lettercarriers. Find the story here by Joseph Stender.


Wichita, Kan.

Circulation: 67,003

In Wichita, this Christmas card effect was created by a photo, rather than a painting.

Unfortunately, the Eagle didn’t credit the photographer.


Columbia, S.C.

Circulation: 71,181

The huge picture on the front of the Columbia, S.C., State by staffer Kim Kim Foster-Tobin shows lit trees reflected in a Hugo Pond, northeast of the city.


Santa Ana, Calif.

Circulation: 270,809

In California, the Orange County Register gave readers presents under a tree, beautifully lit by the setting sun.

The picture is by staffer Leonard Ortiz.


Los Angeles, Calif.

Circulation: 89,990

A “polar” opposite approach was taken by the nearby Daily News of Los Angeles.

The sideways picture is by staffer David Crane.


Anniston, Ala.

Circulation: 19,563

Hey, look! It’s Tim Tebow!

The picture is uncredited.


Columbia, Mo.

Circulation: 6,003

The Missourian ran the classic 1897 New York Sun editorial response to eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon who asked if Santa Claus was real.

The twist: The Missourian shaped the copy block to look like a Christmas tree ornament.


Las Vegas, Nev.

Circulation: 213,078

The Las Vegas Review-Journal gave readers plenty of reasons to not ignore the paper today. The paper ran a giant crossword puzzle on page one, reflecting the largest stories of the year.

The puzzle theme carried through the paper. The nation and world page ran a “match the face to the name” puzzle, the state news page featured a Cryptogram quote, the sports page went with a word find, the biz section relied on a “guess the image” and the features section played up a word jumble.


Stockton, Calif.

Circulation: 35,356

But my very favorite Christmas Day page-one treatment today was this one from the Stockton, Calif., Record.

The Record asked area kids what they wanted for Christmas this year. The designer laid them out atop a Santa Claus suit motif.

Very attractive. And a lot of fun.

So what did the kids of Stockton want for Christmas this year? A lot of it, you could guess.

Some of the requests really make you stop and think.

But some of them are stunning.


What an awesome way to make us all stop and think today, Stockton. Great job.

All these pages are from the Newseum. Of course.

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