Huntsville Times design director Paul Wallen wrote this week to fill us in on the new folks kicking around his neck of the woods lately.

Paul writes:

Haley Laurence started as a designer/copy editor in late November.

Haley came to us from the Times Daily in Florence, Alabama, where she was the media desk editor. Haley is an graduate of Auburn University and also worked as a copy editor at the Jackson Sun in Jackson, Tenn.

During her senior year, Haley was editor-in-chief of the Auburn University yearbook, the Glomerata, which had a circulation of 12,000. She graduated in 2008.

In fact, she’s even appeared once the the blog already: Haley was given a third of the credit for writing the headline on this page from last month:

Find Haley’s Twitter feed here.

Paul continues:

Emily Johnson began as a designer/copy editor just a few weeks ago.

Emily grew up here (in Madison) and graduated from the University of Alabama. Emily was art director of Alpine Living magazine and Design Editor of the Crimson White student paper at Alabama.

Emily’s work for Alpine Living sent her to Germany and Switzerland for two weeks, interviewing and shooting material for stories. She graduated in May.

A few samples of her work:




Find more on her web site. Find Emily’s Twitter feed here.

Back to Paul once more:

We’ll also be welcoming Cait Palmiter, who will begin an internship with us on Monday, Feb. 20.

Cait graduated from Michigan State University in December, where she studied journalism with a specialization in graphic design. While at Michigan State, Cait served as editor-in-chief of the Current, a monthly newspaper.

Cait graduated cum laude, I might add. Her previous internships have been with the Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State, and FAITH Catholic.

A few samples of her work:



Find Cait’s portfolio sites here and here and her Twitter feed here.

Paul closes:

As you can see, I’ve complied with state regulations requiring me to hire equal an equal number of Alabama and Auburn graduates.