Scott Goldman announced today he is stepping down as director of digital and visuals at the Indianapolis Star and to take a position with Advance Publications’ digital team in New Jersey.

Here is the email Scott sent out to the visuals team today:

Before the news goes out to the whole room, I have to let you know that I will be leaving the Star.

I have accepted a position with Advance Digital (the Newhouse chain) as a director position at Advance Digital. It’s based in New Jersey, just across the river from the Big City — in fact, they just christened new offices looking out over the World Trade Center site yesterday. I’ll be commuting to New York for a while, racking up frequent flier miles!

But that’s all yet to come. I’d like to instead take a moment and thank you all for the extraordinary efforts you’ve put in over the past 8 years. It has been an honor working with all of you, and I will treasure so many of the relationships that I’ve made with so many of you over my time here. You are an extremely talented and hard-working group, and there has been so much great work to be proud of — and so much more yet to come.

My last day will be next Thursday; looking forward to one more Indy 500 weekend with all of you!

Thank you again for everything!

In addition, Star editor Dennis Ryerson made a similar announcement:

Scott Goldman has accepted a position with Advance Digital in New Jersey as a director… Scott’s last day here will be Thursday, May 31.

Scott has been with Star Media for eight years, coming here from The Washington Post. He’s a master at how the newspaper is put together. That has been so very beneficial to us as we went to the 40-inch web and made numerous section changes under Scott’s leadership. Last year he took our digital desk under his wing, and was a key player in such things as our Super Bowl success.

Our print pages have become much bolder in terms of presenting news as it is — unpredictable and lively.

Scott’s knowledge of typography and design, and again, how print products are organized, made him a go-to advisor to the corporate news division. Last year Scott spent a great deal of time helping corporate sort out details involved in design studio conversion.

We’ll miss Scott’s hard work and his dedication to our business.

Please join me in wishing Scott the best as he moves to his new position with Advance Digital.

Dennis is quite right — the Star has been on a bit of a hot streak lately in terms of visuals. A few of the recent blog posts I’ve written about Scott and his staff:

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The Star — like all Gannett’s regional papers — will be moving its visuals operation to a Design Studio hub.

A 1990 graduate of Syracuse University, Scott spent two years as the Sunday sports editor for the Post-Star of Glens Falls, N.Y., before moving to the Charlotte Observer in 1994. He moved to the Washington Post in 1999 and then to the Indianapolis Star in 2004. He served as president of the Society for News Design in 2006.

Find Scott’s Twitter feed here.