In case you missed it, the Washington Post ran a story Sunday updating us on the forensic work being done on the 911 calls made the night in February that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman admits he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. But there’s a lot of discussion as to how the episode went down. Did Zimmerman — who was on neighborhood watch patrol — hound Martin? Or did Martin attack Zimmerman?

The story — by the Post‘s Stephanie McCrummen and Sari Horwitz — started at the bottom right of page one and jumped to page ten, where two large graphics helped tell the story.


The first graphic is a 3D drawing of the neighborhood, keyed to a timeline that covers about ten minutes of elapsed time.

Click this for a much larger view.

The yellow dot in the center of the diagram shows where Zimmerman parked his truck and set out on foot to track Martin. The smaller yellow dot at the lower right shows where Martin’s body was found.

Note the dark segment of the timeline on the right: It’s that 45-second interval captured in the background of a 911 call by a resident that investigators are focusing on. According to the story, an FBI report says that two different experts on the list of witnesses are claiming opposite results.

The Post had its own forensic acoustics consultant examine the recording. The results make up the second, much more complicated graphic.

Again, click this for a readable version.

The graphic was built by Todd Lindeman. Other pieces he’s built lately include a look at GOP primary delegate counts and how they get those cool patterns in the grass of a baseball outfield.


Read the entire story here.

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