Saturday turned out to be a long day from hell for me and my journey to Kenya.

When I last spoke with you, I was sitting at the gate of the airport in Paris, where our plane was very late leaving for Kenya.

We finally got off about two hours after schedule. We were already scheduled to get to Nairobi fairly late last night. This pushed us back closer to midnight.

Despite the delay, though, I was impressed with Kenya Airways. These folks put a lot of effort into branding and other little personal touches. I was tempted to haul away this little blanket.

I’ve seen bilingual airplane signs before. But the ones on our flight were in English and Swahili.

To keep my aching diabetic feet in good shape during these longs trips, I always take off my shoes and switch to crushable slippers from my carry-on bag. This was part of what made my two long flights — one seven hours and one nine hours — bearable.

I was able to watch some TV and movies on my flight from New York to Paris. No such luck in the Paris-to-Nairobi flight, however. The personal movie screens in our row weren’t working.

Still, our long trip was bearable. Because my seatmate was a very friendly guy, so we chatted a bunch. He even pulled a Swedish newspaper out of his carry-on bag when he found out what I do for a living. Fabulous print reproduction.

And the scenery outside our window was stunning. First, we flew over downtown Paris…

…and then we flew over the crystal-clear Mediterranean. This is the island of Sicily.

Here’s where we finally crossed into Africa: In Libya, just west of Benghazi.

You have that beautiful water and then — Boom! — the Sahara desert. Talk about your hard edge contrast.

And then the sun went down just outside by window. Just gorgeous.

So the visuals out the window were fabulous.

My arrival in Nairobi: Not quite so much. My luggage didn’t quite make it. After a couple of hours, the folks from the airline say my bag was still in Paris. They’re promising me they’ll deliver it to the hotel tonight.

We’ll see. But It’s hard for me not to get panicky about that. I was just writing the other day about how sloppy I dress on airplanes these days.

My computer and camera equipment are all in my carry-ons, of course. So I can still teach Monday. I just might not have any clothes to teach in.

As promised, a driver took me to my hotel. I didn’t get settled in until after midnight. I managed to get online long enough to talk to my wife and daughter, but then the hotel system kicked me off and I couldn’t back online. Nor could I get logged in this morning.

It looks like it’s going to be one of those weeks for the blog. If I miss a few days of posting, you’ll know why.

I slept in this morning and then ate brunch with the design director of the Nation Media Group here in Nairoibi, Kathy Bogan. You may remember her from her years at the late, great Rocky Mountain News.

She’ll be my primary contact person this week. She even set me up with her home wifi for a few minutes so I could get these pictures posted.

Hopefully, we’ll get the hotel back online. And hopefully, I can get some pictures of the hotel posted as well.

Most of all, though, hopefully my clothes will arrive late tonight. I could really use a fresh change of clothes.

Tomorrow, we begin talking infographics. And that’s when the fun stuff starts.

I’m just starting a two-week consulting and teaching trip to Kenya. Read along with my trip here.