After eleven consecutive mornings in which I woke up to find a dull, grey cloud enveloping the city, today — finally — I was treated to the Nairobi skyline at its finest.

Not a cloud in the Kenyan sky.

At breakfast, down in the famous Thorn Tree Cafe, sunlight poured through the skylight section of the roof…

…and smiled upon my breakfast and orange juice.

Now that will start your day off right.

The schedule for Wednesday: Sleep in just a little, because there’s a big newsroom staff meeting this morning. There will be no morning slideshow lecture.

I’ll be at work by 11 a.m. — a little more than an hour from now. We’ll have an hour-long brainstorming session, I’ll grab some quick lunch and then we’ve got five slots for individual portfolio reviews this afternoon.

Only two staffers have signed up, so far, for those slots. In my downtime, I’ll work on the graphics template I started building last night.

Thursday, we’ll resume our 9 a.m. starts with a session on mapping and then a repeat of my online visual journalism session from Monday. Portfolio reviews fill out the day.

Friday morning, our topic will be elections and politics.

I depart Kenya Friday evening and head to Johannesburg, South Africa for a week of meetings there. The rumor is that some of my friends there are planning to go see the new Batman movie this weekend.

Hmm. That has possibilities…

This is Day Eleven of a two-week consulting and teaching trip to Nairobi, Kenya. Read along with my trip here.