I had such high hopes for today’s front pages. I wanted to see creative headlines. Perhaps have a little fun with the way Mitt Romney came out and ran all over President Barack Obama during last night’s debate. Maybe even work in a Big Bird reference.

Instead, for the most part, we got a collection of obvious headlines that could have been written earlier in the day. Or earlier in the week.

The only headline I saw today that really excited me was an accidental juxtaposition — I think — on the front of tbt, the youth-oriented tabloid published by the Tampa Bay Times of St. Petersburg, Fla.

The debate was pushed into a skybox promo…

…while the lead story is about the hot new expression, “Really?” With a wonderful photo to perfectly illustrate that phrase.

But, in fact, those two headlines work very, very well together. Check it out:

And that’s the way I felt about nearly all of today’s headlines.

I dunno, folks. Should I invest the time into picking them apart for you? Or just let it go? Let me know what you think.

That front page is from the Newseum. Of course.