Some of the papers that are using my big election preview graphic have begun promoting it via social media. This went out yesterday from the folks in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Northwestern staffer Jessie Opoien let loose with this gracious note:

And Carol Tarrant, editor of the Roanoke (Va.) Times tweeted this morning:

Oh, wow. That’s terrific. When I’m ready to hire a full-time publicist, I know who I’m calling first.

My graphic is all finished, proofread — by copy desks all over the country — corrected, tweaked, updated and final versions are going out today.

Thirteen newspapers around the country are running it Sunday. If you live in or near one of these communities, run — don’t walk — to your local convenience store or streetside hawker Sunday morning to buy extras for your mom, your dad, your kids and — most importantly — your kids’ classroom:

  • Appleton, Wis. – Post-Crescent
  • Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Davenport, Iowa – Quad-City Times
  • Des Moines, Iowa – Des Moines Register
  • Green Bay, Wis. – Green Bay Press-Gazette
  • Manitowoc, Wis. – Herald Times Reporter
  • Marshfield, Wis. – News-Herald
  • Newark, N.J. – Star-Ledger
  • Oshkosh, Wis. – Northwestern
  • Roanoke, Va. – Roanoke Times
  • Sheboygan, Wis. – Sheboygan Press
  • Stevens Point, Wis. – Stevens Point Journal
  • Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. – Daily Tribune

For anyone counting, that’s 793,038 potential readers. If you count “average daily circulation.” Keep in mind, though, that typically, Sunday circulation is higher than average daily. So there’s no telling how many actual eyeballs will fall on this graphic.

When you add the 22 papers who will be running a freshly-updated version of this graphic on Election Day itself, the overall tally comes to just under two million readers.

And of the 13 papers running the graphic Sunday, 12 are located in swing states. That’s what I was really aiming for this time around: Seeing how close the polls are this year, I tried hard to get this graphic in front of as many swing-state readers as I could. To my disappointment, I could find no buyers at all in Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire or Florida. I was able to land only two clients in North Carolina and just one  in Virginia.


Previous versions of this graphic from 2000, 2004 and 2008.

But in Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa: Readers there will be served well, thanks to open-minded editors and a wise allocation of newshole.

I’m still open to last-minute buyers, however, for my Tuesday edition. If the internet is a grocery store, think of my Election Day graphic as being near the checkout counter between the gum and the gossip rags.

My graphic might be short on gossip. But there is a lot for readers to chew on.

Read more about this project here.

UPDATE – 7 p.m.

An earlier version of this post mentioned the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle. I just got off the phone with the Chronicle. They’re running it Tuesday instead.

UPDATE – 4 p.m. Saturday

Just heard from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, which has also decided to run theirs Tuesday instead of Sunday. So I’ve removed them from my Sunday list, above, and adjusted the numbers accordingly.