I understand these banner ads are sold in advance. I also understand it takes folks in digital news operations a while to get under the hood and remove an ad that creates a bad juxtaposition with horrifying news.

But really, Hartford Courant? This was reportedly still on the Courant‘s web site at 2:30 this afternoon. That would have been nearly four hours after news of the tragedy broke.

Thanks to the half-dozen or so folks who sent me that screen snapshot.

In addition, Facebook had a little issue with this today — at least on the timeline of reporter Tyler Francke of Newberg (Ore.) Graphic. Tyler tells me:

Of course, it was just a horrible coincidence with the timing; if I had signed on a few minutes earlier or later this juxtaposition probably would have never occurred.

But it made me wonder how often stuff like this happens on social media these days. It seems like it would be at least theoretically possible to code some sensitivity in to the ads for gun pages when stories about mass shootings start trending…