As soon as I saw it, I immediately fell in love with the Tuesday sports front from the Lafayette, Ind., Journal & Courier that Ian Lawson of the Gannett Design Studio in Louisville posted today on Facebook.

Click for a larger look:

Ian tells us:

The story is a feature/advance for tonight’s game between Purdue and Lamar.

The two coaches have been life-long friends since attending a basketball camp hosted by the Lamar coach’s father, former IU coach Bobby Knight.

I wanted something that would help show that, friends or not, they had to face off on the court.

I tried a couple different ideas. I did several takes on the split down the center of their faces but I couldn’t find art that lined up just right so I thought I would try the photo idea. I found a ripped paper texture and tweaked it to look like I wanted and then it started to come together.

That’s precisely why this works so well. I just love the positioning of the eyes.

Ian continues:

I really have to thank the editors and staff at The Journal & Courier. They really let me take their stories and try to tell them visually and it’s always fun coming up with ideas to do that.

Ian spent three yeas as an editor and designer for the Ledger Independent of Maysville, Ky., before moving to the Gannett center a year ago. A few more samples of his work:



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