You’ve seen the New York Times‘ brilliant sports front, with it’s literal — and ballsy — depiction of this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame induction class.

Here are a few others from around the nation…


Lafayette, Ind.

Circulation: 25,531

Ian Lawson of Gannett’s design studio in Louisville came up with this page today for the Journal & Courier of Lafayette, Ind.

Ian built around a brilliant headline written around sports slot Ryan O’Leary‘s headline, he tells us:

It was a pretty quick one. I came in and he had the headline and art ready to go for me and said he was thinking we should try to work the players into the “o” of “you” and “not.”

Then, I just had to finish up the lead in text.

It was a fun one to do.

We make a pretty good team. He knows my style and what I like to do and we usually come up with some good ideas together.


Melbourne, Fla.

Circulation: 63,087

Bill Wachsberger of Gannett’s Nashville studio created this fun page for today’s Florida Today.


Bill posted last night via Facebook:

I came up with the headline and searched out the stock art of the needle. Thanks to sports editor Mike Parsons.


New York, N.Y.

Circulation: 579,636

The Daily News also went with a syringe theme — note the “i” in “Roid.”



Melville, N.Y.

Circulation: 397,973

And Newsday went with file art of Roger Clemens, looking frustrated.


I presume that was designed by Chris Hanna.

UPDATE – 2:15 p.m.


Neptune, N.J.

Circulation: 98,032

Kiersten Schmidt did “something a little different” for today’s Asbury Park Press that actually shows the players who were enshrined in the Hall of Fame each year since 1996 — the last time no one was selected.


Kiersten tells us:

When I found out that the last time nobody was elected to the Hall was 1996, I came up with the idea of a timeline showing everyone who’s been elected since then. It shows not only how rare it is for nobody to get elected, but also all the people who didn’t put up the kind of numbers that the guys on this year’s ballot put up who have gotten in recently.

We discussed comparing [Barry] Bonds, Clemens, etc., to recent inductees but there are just too many numbers to consider when discussing Hall of Fame candidacy; it’s not like you can just compare batting average or ERA. I thought the names could stand on their own.

Baseball fans will know who most or all of those guys are, while non-baseball fans would see a bunch of names they don’t recognize in the Hall while Bonds and Clemens only got 36-37% of the vote. I thought it was a fun way to show the big picture and how big of a deal it was for nobody to be elected.

After that last dry year, the Baseball Writers of America came back the next time and nominated former Atlanta Braves great Phil Niekro. Perhaps history will repeat itself with the writers enshrining two-time National League MVP Dale Murphy in 2014.

Or not. But I can hope, can’t I?

If you haven’t seen it yet,  go here to find the New York Times page by Wayne Kamidoi.