I was a bit underimpressed with the pickin’s today at the Newseum. But this front page stopped me in my tracks.


The story: Kentucky ranks sixth in the nation in fatal drug overdoses.

The illustration: Arresting. To say the least.

UPDATE – 3:45 p.m.

Ryan Hildebrandt of Gannett’s Louisville design studio tells us:

That would be David Leonard. He has a knack for grabbing attention with his design!

David also tells us:

The prescription drug illustration you featured on your blog is mine. I worked on the visual concept and execution — thank you, Photoshop — and the wonderful Enquirer copy desk came up with the display type.

As always, it was a team effort.

That is the Kentucky Enquirer, the edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer that’s distributed on the other side of the Ohio River. Average daily circulation for the Enquirer is 144,165.