It’s great to see Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall plastered on the front of the…


Wichita, Kansas

Circulation: 67,250

Marshall is from Greenwood, S.C., just up the road from my hometown. He also spent several years leading my alma mater, Winthrop College, to the NCAA men’s tournament.

In eight or so appearances, Winthrop never made it out of the first round. It’s great to see Marshall cutting down a net.


That picture is by Eagle staffer Travis Heying.

Amusingly, I must have had a dozen people message me yesterday, telling me the coach of Wichita State is the former coach at Winthrop. Yeah, I know. I’ve been keeping track of him for years, now. I’m still pissed Clemson didn’t hire him when it had the chance.

Thanks for the reminder, though.

Speaking of the Shockers and speaking of Rock Hill — where Winthrop is located — my old Rock Hill Herald colleague Rich Rassmann writes:

I was shocked to find the Wichita State “Go Shockers” site, which is linked to from the school’s main site which featured a huge photo of the upset win, was not updated as of 1:54 p.m. Sunday!

The site still promotes the Ohio state game and hopes for an upset. Pretty shocking, I’d say, for such an historic win.

Here are the screen caps Rich sent along.



Absolutely, that’s awful. My guess: Whoever is in charge of the site is more interested in celebrating the win than in updating the site.

For what it’s worth, however, within moments of Rich sending me those screencaps, the Go Shockers site was indeed updated.


Pro tip for the Go Shockers folks: Update first with the news. And then get fancy with your design.


Syracuse, N.Y.

Circulation: 78,616

I love the emotion shown in the lead art afront today’s newspaper in Syracuse, following the Orange’s big 55-39 win over Marquette.


What disappoints me: The photo is wire. Could the Post-Standard not afford to send someone to shoot the game?

In related news: Both major New York City tabloids have now jumped on the Syracuse bandwagon.

130331MarchMadnessNYDailyNews 130331MarchMadnessNYPost

Hmm. Even more reason to pull for Michigan next weekend. (Or Florida. But, most likely, Michigan.)

On the left is the New York Daily News, circulation 579,636. On the right is the 555,327-circulation New York Post.


Durham, N.C.

Circulation: 21,367

The Durham Herald-Sun previewed today’s Duke vs. Louisville game with a file shot of Coach K and his players during a game last week.


My beef with that: I don’t think pictures of the backs of basketball players will sell papers. Either pick a picture that shows faces or push the display below the fold.


Louisville, Ky.

Circulation: 154,033

And I don’t know what Louisville did today — the front page of the Courier-Journal was a no-show at the Newseum, unfortunately.

However, I did spot this great sports front in somebody’s Facebook feed last night.


I don’t know where my friend found this Sunday page last night. He doesn’t have any direct connection to the paper or to the Gannett Design Studio in Louisville.

I’m glad he posted it where I could steal it, though. It’s a fine page.

Which reminds me: Please feel free to send me your Final Four pages, previews, posters and whatnot.

With the exception of the Louisville sports page and the Shocker screen caps, all these front pages are from the Newseum. Of course.

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