Meet Jeremy Gustafson, the sports team leader of Gannett’s design studio in Des Moines.

You can call him Jeremy or you can call him Gus. You can even call him Mr. Gustafson.

I prefer to call him Mr. Sideways. Because when the photo is right and the situation is right, he’s not afraid to turn his page sideways to maximize the visual spectacle he’s presenting.

Case in point: The front of today’s NCAA wrestling championship section.

Click for a much larger view:


Jeremy tells us:

The NCAA Wrestling Championships were in town, and, of course, ending on deadline. The biggest match was last (again, of course) so I needed a backup plan for a cover.

We showcased the packed house in Des Moines and highlighting the three biggest happenings of the tournament.

The larger picture is by Register staffer Charlie Litchfield. Both Charlie and colleague Bill Neibergall made the smaller photos. Find four bazillion pictures of the national championships in the paper’s online galleries.

Jeremy continues:

I ended up liking this and using it for final chaser edition too.

Now I’m going to go ice my neck….

Going sideways is a bit of a gimmick, of course. But when the art is horizontal and it’s spectacular: Why not go sideways?

And Jeremy does this as well as anyone. A few examples:

A 2002 graduate of Iowa State University, Jeremy went to work right away for the Des Moines Register. I’m proud to say I had the privilege to mentor him just a tiny bit — that’s all he really needed, a tiny bit — during his school years and his first year or so at the Register.


Jeremy moved over to the studio when it staffed up in 2011. Find Jeremy’s portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.