Monday, we looked at a handful of great March Madness front pages and special sections.

Today, we have a second batch for you. Click any of these for a much larger look…


New York, N.Y.

Circulation: 1,586,757

Wayne Kamadoi tells us:

Sam Manchester working on these bubbles until the final buzzer before deadline.


By now, you guys know how I feel about bubble charts. But if the theme for your section — and your cover illustration — is carbonated soft drinks, then you have to go with a bubble chart on the front.


You just have to.


Minneapolis, Minn.

Circulation: 300,330

Part of the brilliance of that Times section was playing off a completely unrelated but very popular — and timely — story in the news: New York Mayor Michael Boomberg‘s proposed ban on large soft drinks.

The folks at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis took a similarly oblique approach: The infamous Harlem Shake in place of “the big dance.”


Chris Carr tells us:

Our NCAA “Atlanta Shake” theme was a fun team effort, in print and in our video. An extra nod goes to retiring graphic artist Jim Freitag, who for over 30 years at the Star Tribune has tackled an incredibly wide range of design and graphic and art projects.

For this project, Jim drew us 134 mascots – 67 (minus Goldy Gopher) standing-around mascots (for the Shake’s first portion) and 67 dancing mascots (for the Shake punchline portion). We ended up using 82 of them after we downsized our plans as the Gophers went into the tank down the stretch. But thankfully, they made the tournament (the idea was toast if they would have been out) and we were able to uncork a fun themed presentation in print and online.

The video is fun a waste of 30 seconds; it stars 93-year-old sports columnist/local celebrity Sid Hartman and former Gopher and NBA’er Quincy Lewis:




Cleveland, Ohio

Circulation: 246,571

Here’s an illustration by Chris Morris for the cover of Monday’s bracket special section in the Plain Dealer.


Find that — and a handful of nice inside pages — on the Plain Dealer‘s Not-So-Plain-Dealer visuals blog.


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Circulation: 147,860

Next up: Designer Rachel Schallom of the Sun-Sentinel of South Florida sends along this Monday sports front:


The old-school illustrations are by local freelancer Jane Tasciotti. Find more of Jane’s work here.


San Antonio, Texas

Circulation: 139,099

And our last March Madness page includes just a bit of news. Josh Trudellwho exited the newspaper business five years ago — writes:

I’ve been working part-time at the San Antonio Express-News and was assigned last Sunday’s sports front. The centerpiece is about the lackluster regular season being bailed out by the excitement of the tournament.


My illustration, story by Tim Griffin.

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