Florida Gulf Coast University — in its very first appearance in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament — has, incredibly, won its first two games.

On Friday, FGCU defeated No. 2-seeded Georgetown 78-68. On Sunday, the Eagles stunned No. 7-seeded San Diego State 81-71.

The school — which was founded in 1991 — is located in Fort Myers, Fla. Here’s how the News-Press played the story today on page one.


Huge. Almost as impressive is the ad across the bottom of the front page. I wonder if that was placed after the opening-round win.

The photo is by News-Press staffer Kinfay Moroti. The page would have been designed in Gannett’s design studio in Nashville. If anyone there can tell me who designed it, I’d appreciate it very much.

Next up for FGCU: The Eagles take on the University of Florida Gators Friday night.

That front page is from the Newseum. Of course.

On the other end of the spectrum, at least one news organization struggled mightily with FGCU’s heroics this weekend. Check out this correction the New York Times posted on Saturday:

That’s six errors in one story. Including misnaming FGCU’s Eddie Murray as “Eddie Murphy.”

Thanks to the three or four folks who alerted me about that.