Michael Babin of the Gannett Design Studio in Nashville was kind enough to send a huge batch of weekend pages from the News-Press of Fort Myers, Fla., documenting the first two rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and the amazing performance of their hometown boys, the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University.

FGCU beat Georgetown Friday, only the 7th time in tournament history a 15th seed won a first-round game. Saturday’s page one led with a celebration shot by staffer Kinfay Moroti of the News-Press.


That page was designed by Josh Ulrich. Here’s the sports cover, designed by Melissa Koenigsberg and featuring a terrific Kinfay Morotti picture of a spectacular dunk.


I should pause right here and add: I’m pretty sure that Kinfay was the only News-Press shooter in Philadelphia next week. So unless I state otherwise, assume he shot all pictures you see here.

Also: Click on any of these pages for a much larger view.

The inside pages C6 and C7 — were designed by Jared Macarin.


Notice the fun “facts and figures” feature across the bottom of C6. And notice the gorgeous photography. It’s a shame C7 couldn’t have been a color page.


Saturday, of course, was an off day. Florida Gulf Coast practiced and enjoyed the fruits of their stunning victory. Sunday’s page one — designed by Josh Ulrich — featured a Kinfay Moroti picture of the players watching Charles Barkley joke around about their team on national TV.


Here’s the A-section jump page, also designed by Josh Ulrich and also featuring a picture by Kinfay Moroti of Saturday’s practice.


Note the large box containing tweets from famous people about Friday’s win.

Sunday’s sports front used file art from Friday. This was designed by Jared Macarin.


Page C4 was a fun utility page previewing the second-round game with San Diego State.


Lots of great stuff on that page.

And here is page C5, featuring a number of interesting angles…


…including features on the two coaches. The San Diego State coach even owns a condo in the Fort Myers area.

Those inside pages were designed by Melissa Koenigsberg and Jared Macarin.

Well, you know what happened next: Florida Gulf Coast won again. While they were the 7th No.15 seeded team in NCAA tournament history to win a first-round game, they were the first No. 15 seed to win a second-round game.

The page I showed you yesterday was, in fact, the cover of a four-page wrap around the Monday paper. Here’s a larger look, featuring another great celebration shot by Kinfay.


That was designed by Michael Babin.

Here is page two of the wrap. Lots of celebration pictures. But then again, there was lots to celebrate.


Page three of the wrap plays up another celebration picture and only one action shot from Sunday.


The back page featured a great pregame picture by Kinfay.


Notice the huge ad from the university itself.

Those pages were designed by Melissa Koenigsberg, Josh Ulrich and Jared Macarin.

The usual page one — which actually ran on page three Monday — focused on the celebration back home.


The two campus pictures are by staffer Jack Hardman. The page was designed by Josh Ulrich.

And the News-Press used the sports front to shed some light on FGCU’s next opponent: The University of Florida.


Jared Macarin designed the page. That’s a Getty image.

Michael sent along a list of folks who contributed to the weekend effort. In addition to the names you’ve already seen, that includes:

Terry Eberle, executive editor

Ed Reed, sports editor

Dan DeLuca, reporter

Seth Soffian, FGCU beat reporter

Carl Bleich, reporter

Justin Kane, contributing writer

Dave Brietinstein, education reporter

Ric Rolon, multimedia editor

David Kaye, copy desk

Robyn George, copy desk

Scott Bihr, copy desk

Tariq Lee, reporter

Craig Handel, reporter

Mark Bickel, strike team editor

Average daily circulation of the Fort Myers News-Press is 54,761.