Were there any NCAA Tournament games held last night? Are there any games scheduled for tonight, other than the Florida vs. Florida Gulf Coast matchup in Austin?

Except for a few misguided souls from Syracuse, Florida Gulf Coast is the team that’s generating most of the buzz in my social media feeds. This scrappy little team from a school that was founded just 22 years ago stunned No. 2-seeded Georgetown and then No. 7-seeded San Diego State to earn a spot in the Sweet 16.

Tonight, FGCU takes on in-state “rival” Florida. And I put “rival” in quote marks like that because the Gators are hardly a rival — the two schools have met on the court only once.

This is how big this game is on the west coast of Florida: This morning, ESPN radio program director Louise Cornetta tweeted this picture of today’s special edition of the Naples Daily News.


The pic at the bottom specifically shows how thick the edition is. Ninety-plus pages, Louise says.

If anyone from Naples would care to send me a few PDFs of that section, I’d love to see them. Of course.

The page at the upper right of that tweet served as front page of today’s edition. Here’s a better view, via the Newseum.


Average daily circulation for the Naples Daily News is 45,136.

Meanwhile, the folks at the News-Press of Fort Myers — where FGCU is actually located — also went all-out today with a large page-one centerpiece, an eye-catching top-of-the-page treatment and a 16-page special section of their own.


Down low on that page is something that will affect those of us who are watching newspaper presentations: There may not be much to see tomorrow off of this game: It doesn’t even start until nearly 10 p.m. EDT.


That’s great for TV ratings, I presume. But terrible for the hardworking journalists on the East Coast.

See last week’s News-Press March Madness pages here. Average daily circulation for the Fort Myers News-Press is 54,761.

The Fort Myers and Napes front pages are from the Newseum. Of course.