While Sunday’s March Madness pages weren’t anything to get excited about, today’s were a bit more spectacular.


Detroit, Mich.

Circulation: 232,696

The big story of Sunday’s game was Freshman Nik Stauskas, who successfully fired off six three-point goals. The photo on the front of today’s Free Press shows Stauskas after one of those dropped in.


That picture was by staffer Julian H. Gonzalez, who also took the great celebration shot used to great effect on the sports front today.


The sports front was designed by Ryan Ford. Steve Anderson designed today’s front page.


Detroit, Mich.

Circulation: 113,508

While the Freep went with “Four sure” for its lead headline, the Detroit News chose “4-ward.” Perhaps we might have Four-warned that puns on the word four would be rampant today.


That lead art is by News staffer John T. Grelick.

The News ditched the four pun and went instead with a final pun for its sports front.


Lead art is by Stephen M. Dowell of the Orlando Sentinel.


Oakland, Mich.

Circulation: 65,197

In the suburbs of Detroit, the Oakland Press used a celebration shot by Tony Gutierrez of the Associated Press.



Louisville, Ky.

Circulation: 154,033

The story of the day in Louisville, of course, was that gruesome injury to guard Kevin Ware near the end of the first half. Ten years from now, you might not remember that Louisville beat Duke out for a spot in the Final Four. But you’ll remember the sight of that bone poking out of Ware’s leg.

The Courier-Journal focused on the win, however, pushing Ware’s misfortune into the second of three decks.


The picture is by staffer Sam Upshaw Jr.


Raleigh, N.C.

Circulation: 129,698

In Raleigh, the News & Observer focused on a dejected Duke bench. Duke’s loss means that this will be the third consecutive Final Four without a team from the ACC. This is the first time since the early 1960s that’s happened.


The photo is by N&O staffer Chuck Liddy.


Durham, N.C.

Circulation: 21,367

And in Durham, the Herald-Sun pushed its staff photo of the Duke game downpage in favor of the Duke women, victorious in a regional semifinal game Sunday in Norfolk.


The men’s picture was by staffer Bernard Thomas. The photo of the women’s game was from the Associated Press.


Charlotte, N.C.

Circulation: 146,511

Charlotte made a bit of a deal today about Kevin Ware’s leg injury, leading page one with a picture of Ware’s teammates reacting and a column by staffer Scott Fowler.


The picture is by Michael Conroy of the Associated Press.

The Detroit pages are from those two papers. The rest are all from the Newseum. Of course.

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