Here’s a quick look at the day’s Final Four pages…


Detroit, Mich.

Circulation: 232,696

The Free Press put Michigan’s tight, five-point victory over Syracuse into the skybox this morning, with a big, red word that seemed to sum up the entire game.



The page was designed by Joe Cybulski. The picture was by Julian H. Gonzalez.

A similar photo by Julian — shot from a slightly different angle — was lead art on the Final Four section front today, designed by Ryan Ford.



One amusing note about that page… On the right is a piece by ace sports columnist Mitch Albom. The headline states Mitch will analyze Michigan’s Final Four appearance.

Hmm. Sounds interesting. But the top of the piece seems to be mostly Mitch rubbing in the fact that Michigan kicked Syracuse out of the tournament. He even uses the “‘Cuuuuuuse me” line twice.


Amusing, perhaps — if you’re not a Syracuse fan. But analytical?


Syracuse, N.Y.

Circulation: 78,616

Meanwhile, the Syracuse paper today led with a wonderful picture of C.J. Fair — who scored 22 points in a losing effort — barely holding back tears as he gazes wisftfully at the scoreboard.


The picture is by staffer Dick Blume. The picture of disappointed fans is by staffer Dennis Nett.


Louisville, Ky.

Circulation: 154,033

In Louisville — home of the world’s ugliest basketball britches — the Courier-Journal went big with an emotional celebration shot and got the hell out of its way.


The picture is by staffer Matt Stone. The design is by the Gannett Design Studio’s Ian Lawson, I’m told.


Lexington, Ky.

Circulation: 92,626

And over in Lexington, the Herald-Leader used a great celebration shot atop today’s nameplate.


The photo is by staffer John Bazemore.


Wichita, Kan.

Circulation: 67,250

The Wichita paper today ran a great photo of two disappointed Wichita State players after their four-point loss to Louisville.


The photo by staffer Travis Heying is wonderful. The typography at the top of that page: Not so much. Between the “Sunday” in the nameplate, the blue sports refer, the main headline and the two little red refers, that’s an awful lot of (what looks like) Helvetica Condensed Black. A little variety here might have helped. Plus, I hope those little red refers were easier to read in print than they are on this JPG.

Also on today’s Wichita Eagle: This full-page ad, signed by Shocker coach Gregg Marshall and presumably paid for by the athletic department.


What a great, classy move. Thanks to the multitude of folks who retweeted that image this morning.

With the exception of the ad and the Free Press pages, the rest of these images are all from the Newseum. Of course.

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