Here’s a brief look at today’s NCAA men’s basketball championship pages…


Louisville, Ky.

Circulation: 154,033

Huge photo with everything else pushed off the front page: Check.

Picture shows players celebrating a national championship beneath falling confetti: Check.

Punny, celebratory headline: Check.

Looks like the Louisville paper today did everything it needed to do and did it well.


The lead picture is by staffer Michael Clevenger.

Among the items referred to across the bottom: A four-page special section previewing tonight’s women’s title game. Louisville is playing in that game, as well.


That photoillustration looks like a lot of fun. If there’s anyone in Louisville today who might slip me a PDF of this to post here, I’d be much obliged.


Lexington, Ky.

Circulation: 92,626

Here’s how the folks up the road in Lexington played the story today.


The picture is by staffer Mark Cornelison. The page was designed by Bruce Engel.

You can barely see the celebration in the huge celebration shot on today’s sports front.


The picture is by staffer John Bazemore of the Associated Press. Dennis Varney designed the page.


Detroit, Mich.

Circulation: 113,508

In Detroit today, the requisite for every huge display page was a pun on the word “blue.”

The headline for page one of the Detroit News: Red White & So Blue.


The picture is by News staffer John Greilick. Presentation editor Rick Epps designed the page himself.

The headline for sports: Dazed and Blue.


That terrific action shot is by Travis Heying of the Wichita Eagle. Kim Storeygard designed the page.


Detroit, Mich.

Circulation: 232,696

The headline for the front of today’s Free Press‘ wrap: Feelin’ Blue.


The picture is by the Freep‘s Julian H. Gonzalez. Steve Anderson designed the page.

And on the front of today’s sports is… what? That’s not a “blue” pun! That’s a “Cards” pun! How did that happen?


The picture is by Julian H. Gonzalez. Ryan Ford designed the page.


Lansing, Mich.

Circulation: 41,330

And lastly, here’s how the folks in Lansing played the story today.


Not quite as imaginative headline as the others we’ve seen today. But it certainly works well enough.

The photo is from the Associated Press.

The the Detroit pages and all the sports pages are from those respective papers. The rest is from the Newseum. Of course.

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