Alex Chihak writes:

I’m an editor at one of Cox’s hubs, and we design and edit The Palm Beach Post, Austin American-Statesman and the Palm Beach Daily News, or Shiny Sheet.

The Shiny Sheet is a seasonal paper. It’s daily during the season (September to May) and twice a week in the offseason. The season’s when the super wealthy people go back to their summer homes in New York, Connecticut and other states where it gets cold in the winter.

I proofread the covers every night and thought you’d really like this cover.


The big news this season was the Flagler Memorial Bridge, which is the northernmost bridge from the island to the “real world.” It’s being replaced and is causing headaches because they have to drive a mile south to another bridge.

And, yep: They went sideways with it. Here it is again, in an orientation that might strain your neck a little less. Click for a much larger, readable view.


Alex tells us:

Danielle Provencher usually designs the Shiny Sheet, but she said this cover (sans the flag, top boxes and index) was outsourced and is a graphic.

The reporting is credited to staffers David Rogers and Aleese Kopf. The pictures were made by the Daily News Staff.

The graphic is credited to Karbel Multimedia — which, sure enough, consists of infographics superstars Belinda Ivey, Karsten Ivey and Hiram Henriquez. All three are veterans of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. Find Karbel’s web site here.

Find the interactive version of this graphic here.

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