A lot of my visual journalism friends would love to design movie titles instead.

Very cool. But my secret passion was always record album covers. I even have a few framed on the wall… back in Virginia Beach.


When I went off to college in 1980, I declared a double-major in communications (I wanted to be a sportswriter) and art (I wanted to design album covers). Lucky for me the design and newspaper worlds converged at some point. Because I found CD design not nearly as interesting as record album design was. And hardly anyone designs covers for MP3s.

But still…

All this is to explain my interest — other than the obvious — in this cover for Herb Alpert‘s 1965 album Whipped Cream and Other Delights.


The reason I bring it up: The Seattle Times this week reposted a story from last year in which staffer Eric Lacitis interviewed the model for that cover. She’s now 77 years old.

An excerpt:

Payment would be around $1,500 ($11,000 in today’s dollars), plus expenses.

The shoot began midmorning and lasted through the afternoon. Erickson put on a bikini, but with the straps down.

She was 29 and three months pregnant. “But I wasn’t showing,” she says.

Erickson sat on a stool and from the waist down, [photographer Peter Whorf] placed on her a white Christmas tree blanket.

Then shaving cream was sprayed on Erickson. Under the bright lights, whipping cream would melt, although it was real whipping on top of her head.

The shoot kept going, Erickson remembers, and she didn’t notice that the shaving cream kept slipping down.

Months later, Whorf mailed her two outtakes.

“He sent them to shock me. And it did shock me. I screamed,” says Erickson. “I was a Christian girl.”

There’s much more. Read it here.

Thanks to KPCC’s Melanie Sill for posting about this today on Facebook.

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