Here’s our first Halloween piece of this season. It’s from Ryan Huddle of the Boston Globe. And man, is it gorgeous.

Click for an extra-large view:


Ryan tells us that he and his wife…

Aprill [Brandon] and I have teamed up again for the Globe. We did a huge monster graphic. As usual, she is doing the copy and I am doing a graphic.

I have done a few others in this style and I love doing it. It is insanely detailed and takes a lot of time to do it. I think I put about 70 hours into this.

Aprill’s fun commentary ran down the side. I’ll slice up a few vignettes for you…





The graphic was part of a package on horror movies that ran in Sunday’s paper. Here is the entire spread.


A graduate of Collins College in Phoenix, Ryan Huddle spent seven years as a designer and creative services coordinator for the Hutchinson (Kan.) News. He moved to the Brown Publishing Company in Troy, Ohio in 2003 but then, two years later, became creative director of the Victoria Advocate in Victoria, Texas. He moved to the Globe in 2011.


Aprill Brandon is a freelance writer and blogger. is a columnist for the Weekly Dig in Boston, Mass. A 2004 graduate of Ohio’s Miami University, Aprill spent a year as education reporter for the Troy, Ohio, Daily News before joining the Victoria (Texas) Advocate in 2006 as an arts and entertainment repairer and as a columnist.

After she and Ryan moved to Boston, Aprill began a column for the Weekly Dig. She also continues to write for the Advocate. An e-book collecting her columns — Why Does the Cheese Always Fall? –  was published this summer.


Find that here and the Kindle version here. Find her blog here and a special post she wrote for her own birthday here. Find her Twitter feed here.

Find Ryan’s online portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.

More movie-themed work by Ryan at the Boston Globe:

Find Ryan’s online portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.

Average daily circulation for the Boston Globe is 225,482.

Are you doing anything cool for Halloween? Send me a PDF.

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