Tomorrow night, kids all over will go from house to house, collecting brightly-colored packages of candy. Which, of course, they’ll tear open and eat.

The candy. Not the packages.

The Detroit Free PressEric Millikin has found the perfect use for the packages: He’s using them to create portraits of monsters.


Eric tells us:

I call this series “Totally Sweet.”

So far, this series includes everything from classic monsters like the Bride of Frankenstein to modern killers from slasher movies. And I’ve been taking requests; one of my favorites has been Gort, the alien killer robot from the 1950s sci-fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still.


Eric’s been posting his art here. He writes on that page:

If you look closely enough, you will find that I have hidden a single spider within each of these portraits. Don’t eat that spider.

I pored over these last night, but I couldn’t find the spider. On the other hand, I really dislike spiders. So perhaps that’s a good thing.


Assisting Eric in the making of these mini-masterpieces: His cat.


Eric writes:

As long as this sugar high holds out, I should be able to make a new one every day until all my candy runs out.

Eric Millikin is a very interesting fellow. His Wikipedia entry says he’s a former anatomy lab embalmer and dissectionist and is famous for his web comics.


A 1998 graduate of Michigan State University, Eric served as artist and new media manager for the student paper there, the State News. He spent two years as an artist for the Lansing State Journal before moving to the Detroit News in 2000 as an artist, blogger and art director. He worked at Metro Times for a couple of years and also worked as a writer and blogger for the Comics Journal.

He joined the Freep in 2007. A few samples of his work there:



He also blogs “news of the weird” type items for the Free Press.

Find Eric’s web site here and his Twitter feed here.

UPDATE – 7:55 P.M. PDT

Former Free Press design chief Steve Dorsey reminds us that

Eric and Free Presser Jason Karas teamed up back in 2009 for their first candy-illustration… an Eminem portrait made, fittingly, entirely of M+Ms:


Read more about this here and here.

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