Here’s a fun, spooky Halloween-themed idea for a local talker.

Why not turn celebrities in your town, big and small, into zombies or classic horror monsters?

That’s what my old friend Mike Fisher of the San Antonio Express News did this week.


He picked on Hollywood actors from the area, like Tommy Lee Jones


…sports greats Tim Duncan


…and Johnny “Football” Manziel


…and politicians like Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro.


Hmm. A Democratic Congressman? From a red state like Texas? That’s scary enough, even without the embellishment.

Mike tells us:

Don’t get me wrong, I just love making 1-col. bar charts. Heh. But if I can find time to create a project on my own here, they are pretty good about getting in the paper or online.

I wanted specifically to do something for Halloween that would reside online. So I came up with the concept and the celebrity names with some help from my buddy, Mike Knoop. Then I drew the characters in pen-and-ink and colored them in Photoshop. I started in July and just worked in it when I had some time.

Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I drew a credit page with myself and Knoop as zombie freaks.


I thought the readers might think it was funny and, who knows, maybe they’ll look forward to another silly project like this from us.

Oh, absolutely. Readers love stuff like that.

That last frame also serves as a great DIY tip. I’m always losing my scissors. Do that with them, though and you’ll never lose your scissors again.

Find the entire slideshow here.

Average daily circulation for the Express-News is 139,099.

I’ve known Mike a long, long time. When I got my first fulltime newspaper job in Athens, Ga., he was an artist at our sister paper in Augusta. Later, I moved to the Rock Hill, S.C., Herald and he moved to Charlotte (N.C.) Observer. Where he eventually worked his way up to graphics editor.


He spent several years with Knight-Ridder’s TV animation studio, News in Motion, in Washington, D.C. He’s been with the Express-News for several years, now.

Mike Fisher is a huge name in science fiction and horror circles. He’s cartooned for Starlog magazine since the 1980s. He publishes the occasional fanzine comic, featuring his ultimate geekazoid character, 3D Pete. Find Mike’s web site here.

Mike also posts humorous sci-fi and entertainment videos Find his YouTube channel here.

Find a nice Q&A with him here.