The trend continues toward advertisements on web sites, placed by robotic “ad dummy clerks” who make their decisions based on other words found on that page.

And with disastrous results, sometimes. As you can see in this screencap from the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday. Note the Universal Orlando ad embedded in this unflattering story about — yep, you guessed it: Universal Orlando.


Thanks to journalism and public relations instructor Kenneth Amos for the tip.

The Sentinel has had a problem before with embarrassing ad juxtapositions on its web site. This one was screencapped six years ago.


This one from Fox News references Hurricane Isabel. That would have been ten years ago last month.

Here’s one from Fox Sports, two summers ago that will make you laugh out loud.

And this one was posted a month or so later by Dagbladet of Oslo, Norway. It, too, is downright cool.

This one last summer by Gawker, you’d swear must be intentional.

But, of course, it wasn’t.

And, yes, these thing happen in print, too. All the damned time.

That was the Times-Telegraph of Tyler, Texas, last summer.

Find plenty more amusing — and, in some cases, horrifying — ad and/or news juxtapositions here.