It’s days like this when I’m glad I left Hampton Roads last February and moved to sunny (and, yes, drought-stricken) Southern California.

Man. I can’t even imagine all that snow.


That is today’s Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk. The lead photo by staffer Steve Earley, shows a dedicated power company employee using cross-country skis to get to work.

The page was designed by Lisa Merklin, who also designed Wednesday’s front page and who came up with Wednesday’s brilliant headline.

Across the river in Newport News, the Daily Press led today’s front with a picture of a county employee using a snowblower along the waterfront.


The lead picture is by staffer Rob Ostermaier. The page was designed by Kevin Goyette, I’m told.

Both of these pages are from the Newseum. Of course. In my opinion, those were the two best snow pages of the day. But, oddly enough, neither made the Newseum‘s Top Ten list. Go figure.

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  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Both of those pages are great.  One thing that is interesting is that their design looks very similar.  Are they under the same parent company, or is it just a coincidence?  

  2. Charles Apple

    Just a coincidence, Scott.

    The Newport News Daily Pres is owned by the Chicago Tribune company while the Pilot is the last remaining big property of Landmark Communications. Which used to also own Greensboro, Roanoke and the Weather Channel.

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