Take heart, Ohio State fans: Your team may have been eliminated in the opening round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but you can still celebrate a great hoops season by buying one of these:


Those were spotted for sale recently at a Footlocker in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to Darren Rovell of ESPN for tweeting about this Monday.

Sports apparel errors pop up frequently in our collection of the kinds of embarrassing goofs a copy editor might have caught…

Last August, Nike sold $85 retro NFL sweatshirts featuring the Seattle Seahawks…


…on which they misspelled “Seattle.”


In January, the Florida State online team store proudly advertised t-shirts touting the Seminoles’ national football championship.

There was just one little problem: Check out the score.


In fact, it was Florida State that won, 34-31.

Last July, Nike placed the Carolina Panthers — whose home is Charlotte, North Carolina — in South Carolina.


In September, Walmart was spotted selling these Cincinnati Bengals flip-flops…


…featuring the Cleveland Browns logo.

Also in September, the Detroit Free PressRobert Huschka bought this souvenir scarf after the big USA vs. Mexico soccer match in — where else? — Columbus, Ohio.


In 2011, Old Navy left the punctuation off an entire line of college logo T-shirts.



In September 2012, Old Navy made a line of throwback T-shirts but made five separate errors on this Houston shirt.


  1. The shirt declares the Texans were “1961 AFC Champions.” The AFC didn’t exist in 1961. The American Football League — the AFL — started play in 1960 and then was converted into the American Football Conference in 1970, when it merged with the NFL.
  2. The Houston Texans did not win the 1961 AFL championship. The 1961 AFL champions were the Houston Oilers. You know them today as the Tennessee Titans.
  3. The Texans did indeed win the 1962 AFL championship. However, it was the Dallas Texans — not the Houston Texans — that won that title. You know the Dallas Texans today as the Kansas City Chiefs.
  4. The Houston Texans did not begin play until 2002.
  5. And they’ve never won an AFC championship.

Finally, the NCAA made similar errors in two consecutive years on T-shirts it sold at the College World Series…

In 2012, stadium vendors sold these cute little numbers:

Here’s a closer look at the design on the back. Note, in particular, the second bat from the bottom: “Kentucky State.”

That, in fact, should have said Kent State. The Golden Flashes are from Kent, Ohio, a few miles southeast of Cleveland. That’s nowhere near Kentucky.

The very next year, a stadium vendor was selling these Mississippi State T-shirts:


The art refers to the “Mississippi State Rebels.” However, Mississippi State is the Bulldogs.

Ole Miss is the Rebels.

Lots of us — especially myself — need a copy editor. Find more examples here.

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