A couple of weeks ago, James A. Molnar of the Toledo Free Press Star shared his annual Opening Day baseball covers.

Now, he shares his crowdsourced 419 Day cover. Click for a larger look:

041314 A17, 18-19 STAR.indd

The local area code in Toledo is 419, James tells us, so April 19 has now become a local holiday of sorts. He writes:

Toledo City Council officially recognized the celebratory day two years ago “to showcase Toledo, Ohio, foster civic pride, and to create an epicenter for an annual citywide celebration…”

When I was informed the story was going to be our Star cover, I wanted to do an area photo grid. We reached out to our Instagram followers and asked them to use #TFP419 and we would select our favorites to put on the cover.

The response was overwhelming. We had more than 140 photos to choose from 48 hours later.

Here’s the print version of the story…

041314 A17, 18-19 STAR.indd

…and here’s a closeup of the key to the contributions for the cover montage.


Go here to find the online version of the story.

A 2009 graduate of Marquette in Milwaukee, Wis., James served as a reporter, designer and then visual content editor for the student paper there, the Marquette Tribune.


He spent a couple of months as a designer and editor for the Daily of Chatauqua, N.Y. and then seven months as an apprentice optician at Eyeglass World in Toledo before catching on at the Free Press in 2010. He also covers movies for the Free Press. Find his personal blog here, his portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.