James Molnar of the Toledo (Ohio) Free Press writes:

You may have heard Toledo made national headlines last week with news of a do-not-drink water advisory.

Wednesday morning, we were going through photos, trying to figure out what would work for a cover. I was not loving the options so I asked our managing editor, Sarah Ottney, to contact our staff photographer, Christie Materni, and have her go to the lakefront with a glass and get a gross photo for me.

What Christie submitted Thursday morning looked awesome and incredibly gross.

081014 A01-28.indd

Per your mantra, we ran the photo big and got the hell out of its way. We got rid of refer boxes and masthead coloring for the week. We also ran the headline small so as not to district from the photo.

Let me know what you think.

I think I won’t be drinking any water for a long, long time.

For fun, compare James’ cover with that of the Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail back in January.


You can find the Free Press‘ online digital issue here. An opinion piece kicks off the issue on page three.


The editorial cartoon by Don Lee is pretty funny.


The opinion piece wraps up on page four.


That “Lorax on the Lake” bit is a letter from a resident noting that Dr. Seuss originally mentioned Lake Erie in his 1971 book about environmental awareness, the Lorax.

Locals reportedly approached Seuss, pointed out that environmental efforts had worked on Erie and asked him to remove the reference. He reportedly did.

Sarah Ottney also shot this picture of the president of the National Wildlife Federation pointing out something among the algae bloom in Lake Erie.


That picture leads the main news story on page six.


The story jumps from page seven to page eight…


…and then to pages 10 and 11…


…before wrapping up on pages 12 and 13.


Find the Free Press web site here.

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