Looks like a big percentage of the money pouring in to campaign for Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and his opponent is coming from outside the state. The nation’s investment bankers re supporting the Republican incumbent. Trial layers and labor unions are supporting Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, reports the Courier-Journal of Louisville.

The race looks like it’ll be the most expensive senate campaign in U.S. history.

Typically, a story like this would be illustrated with pictures from the campaign trail. Bar and pie charts would be displayed inside.

That wasn’t the case for today’s paper. Click for a larger look:


Kyle Slagle of the Gannett Design Studio in Louisville tells us:

We’ve exhausted our stores of McConnell and Grimes file art, and the story was all about the numbers anyway. So the package became all about the numbers.

Looks like a great choice. Several sets of data are represented here, including where the “bundles” of contributions are coming from…


…the number of billionaires contributing to one candidate or the other…


…the amounts each candidate has received from political action committees…


…where the contributions are coming from…


…and, of course, the total amount of money donated.


In addition, there were two more inside: Contributions by zip code…


…and a look at the percent each candidate received from “small money” contributors.


If you think it looks like McConnell is stomping Grimes in most categories, you’re not alone. The paper reports today the Grimes campaign is “sputtering.”

Average daily circulation for the Courier-Journal is 154,033.


Kyle Slagle is a designer for the Gannett design studio in Louisville, Ky. A 2007 graduate of West Virginia University, Kyle spent nearly three years as a designer for Matthews International, a signage design firm in Kingwood, W.Va. He moved to the Gazette of Charleston, W.Va., in 2010 as a features designer and was promoted to design editor in 2011. He moved to Louisville in 2013.

Find Kyle’s portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.

That front page is from the Newseum. Of course.

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  1. malcolm

    Lovely, though I’d really like to see those two circles that illustrate “people vs. PACs” be proportional. That would more directly highlight the funding advantage held by McConnell.

    1. Kyle

      McConnell’s funding advantage is clearly illustrated in graphic 1. For the circle charts, 100% is 100%, so I didn’t see the need to change proportions. The progression of the shaded circle would be the same regardless of scale, and it’s that progression (the fact that Grimes’ campaign is supported more by individuals than committees) that was the focus. Diminishing the scale would have likely diminished that point.

      Just my 2¢.

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