Old or new. Basic or detailed. Printed or electronic. Domestic or foreign.

It doesn’t matter — the j-school library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is building a collection of style guides. And they want yours.

I asked the director of the Park Library, Stephanie Willen Brown, to write me up a brief pitch to post here. She replies:

The Park Library at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC has a growing collection of newspaper stylebooks.


The collection primarily includes titles from various newspapers in the United States, such as the the AJC (Atlanta Journal & Constitution) Style : Style and Reference Guide Covering News, Sports, Business and Features Issues (1998);  The Kansas City Star Stylebook (1987); The Los Angeles Times Stylebook (1979 & 1995) … and so many more. See our collection here.

We have local stylebooks: The News & Observer, 2001-2005; the Daily Tar Heel (1932 and 2001); plus the Stylebook of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (1983-present).


We have books for usage when covering different groups, such as the CNS (Catholic News Service) Stylebook on Religion; the GLAAD Media Reference Guide; and the Manual de Estilo from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

We have stylebook from various wire services — of course we have the Associated Press stylebook for many years (our first edition is from 1953), as well as A Handbook of Reuters Journalism : A Guide To Standards, Style, Operations (2008); various editions of  The Bloomberg Way : A Guide for Reporters and Editors; and the United Press Radio News Style Book (1943).

Most of our stylebooks are from the United States, but we have one from Canada (The Gazette Style c.1995) and two from the UK (Stylebook of the Manchester Guardian Style, c. 1928 and BBC News Style Guide, c. 2014).

However, we don’t have any guides to the use of graphics, fonts, or illustrations in a newspaper, magazine, or website. Our books focus almost exclusively on the use of text, grammar, and punctuation. This week, the design & graphic editors at the Daily Tar Heel asked for some graphic style guides, thus illuminating a glaring hole in our collection.

At my colleague Andy Bechtel‘s request, I solicited the assistance of Charles Apple … hence this blog post.

If you have a graphic style guide / stylebook / set of notes that you’d like saved for posterity, please send them my way!

In fact, I have a couple I can send her — styleguides I’ll never use again and that would make great additions to the Park Library’s collection. This is the big one:


That’s the style guide from the May 2007 redesign of the Virginian-Pilot. The redesign was huge. And so is the style guide.

I also have a Chicago Tribune style guide from the 1990s kicking around here somewhere. Or, at least, I did back in California. I can’t seem to lay hands on it now. I’ve had so many style guides slip through my fingers over the years.

But keeping these things for research purposes strikes me as a worthy endeavor. If you can help, please contact Stephanie. Here’s her address…

Stephanie Willen Brown
Director, Park Library
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3365

…and here’s her email address:

swbrown [at] unc.edu

Find Stephanie’s Twitter feed here.

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