My former Orange County Register colleague Ron Sylvester announced last week via social media:

My West Coast adventure is concluding.


It’s been an honor to work at the Orange County Register, especially with [editor] Rob Curley and [managing editor] Donna Wares, and a blast living in sunny Southern California. But it’s time to return to my family. That decision was fueled even more the past week, when I landed the job of managing editor at the Hutchinson News.

Those familiar with Kansas know what an outstanding newspaper the Hutch News is, and it’s exciting to get to lead the talented team there. I’m looking forward to my next adventure in journalism. I hope to continue the dear friendships I have made on my journey west.

I really do have a wonderful life. Kansas, I’m coming home. Clicking my heels three times.

Average daily circulation of the Hutchinson News is 25,722.

A 1982 graduate of Missouri State University, Ron worked at USA Today and the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader before moving to the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle in 2000 as a crime reporter. He gravitated to the interactive side and worked on database reporting for a while. He moved to the Las Vegas Sun in 2012 and then again to the Orange County Register in 2013.

At the Register, Ron served as a senior reporter and columnist and then took over one of the Register‘s bureaus. Last year, he served as editor of the eagerly-anticipated — but, sadly, short-lived — Los Angeles Register.

I worked with a number of Ron’s young staffers on various Focus pages and I enjoyed every project. Ron was always eager to get me involved with something or other. Only once did I have the pleasure of working with him directly, however. That was on this little gem:


Read more about that project here.

After the LA Register folded, Ron was named the OC Register‘s assistant managing editor for local news.

Find Ron’s web site here and his Twitter feed here.