Birthdays for Wednesday, July 23

Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to Jacek Utko, design director at Bonnier Business Press International and a news design consultant based in Warsaw, Poland.


A trained architect, Jacek drifted into graphic and publication design, eventually becoming art director of Puls Biznesu. He’s redesigned both that paper and Aripaev in Estonia. In 2009, Jacek spoke at at TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., on the topic of newspaper design. Watch that video here. Find Jacek’s web site here.

Jacek shares a birthday with actors Daniel Jacob Radcliffe, Charisma Lee Carpenter, Marlon L. Wayans, Erik Ki La Salle (better known as Eriq La Salle), Woodrick Tracy “Woody” Harrelson, Daniel Ronald “Ronny” Cox; Philip Seymour Hoffman and Edie McClurg; musicians Alison Krauss, Tenitra Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Saul Hudson (better known as Slash of Guns n’ Roses), Martin Lee Gore (of Depeche Mode) and David Albert Cook (better known as David Essex); radio host John Donald “Don” Imus Jr.; TV host Bernard Whalen “Bert” Convy; model Stephanie Michelle Seymour; sports greats Anthony Nomar Garciaparra, Donald Scott “Don” Drysdale, Harold Peter Henry “Pee Wee” Reese (all three baseball), Gary Dwayne Payton, Elden Jerome Campbell (both basketball) and Terry Tyree Glenn (football); novelist Raymond Thornton Chandler and presidential girlfriend Monica Samille Lewinsky.

In addition, today is Gorgeous Grandma Day and Hot Enough For Ya Day. Seriously.

Best wishes, Jacek! Have a terrific birthday today!

Well, now. That IS unique!

Yesterday, we took a quick glance at the transformation of the Anchorage Daily News into the Alaska Dispatch News.

Today, a tipster sends me a photo of a page-one sticker ad from that same paper last week, advancing the big changes.

The sticker promises something “unique” for readers. And, if you look closely, you’ll find something that’s quite unique indeed.


Thanks to my anonymous tipster.

Birthdays for Tuesday, July 22

Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to a pair of  gifted visual journalists…


Brian Cubbison is curator for the Post-Standard of Syracuse, N.Y. and Syracuse Media Group. A 1979 graduate of Ohio University, Brian has served as the paper’s assistant news editor, its online news editor and its breaking news editor. He took on his new title in 2013. Find Brian’s old blog here and his Twitter feed here. Brian turns 57 today.


Kenneth Eriksson is design director and features editor of VLT in Stockholm, Sweden. Kenneth spent two years as a subeditor for Aftonbladet, a year as a designer for Magazine Café and a year-and-a-half as art director for Fitness magazine before moving to Egmont in 2005. There, he art directed Ikon, King and Vagabond magazines. He moved to VLT in 2007 and took on additional duties in features in 2011. Find his blog here and his Twitter feed here. Kenneth turns 36 today.

Kenneth and Brian share a birthday with actors Selena Marie Gomez, William “Willem” Dafoe, Jonathan Alberto Leguizamo, David Wayne Spade, Terence Henry Stamp, Danny Leburn Glover, Louise Fletcher, Keegan Phillip Allen and Madison Michelle Pettis; musicians Donald Hugh “Don” Henley, George Clinton, Alan Menken, Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright, Robert Cabot “Bobby” Sherman Jr. and Daniel Jones (of Savage Garden); sports greats David Andrew “Dave” Stieb (baseball), Timothy Donell “Tim” Brown, Joseph Keyshawn Johnson (both football) and Scott Ronald Dixon (auto racing); comedian Albert Lawrence Einstein (better known as Albert Brooks); politician Robert Joseph “Bob” Dole; artist Edward Hopper; sculptor Alexander Calder and the host of Jeopardy, George Alexander Trebek.

In addition, today is National Penuche Fudge Day, Rat-catchers Day and Spoonerism Day. Seriously.

Have a wonderful birthday today, you two! Best wishes!

Two more cool pages from the Toledo Free Press

James Molnar tells us about his most recent project for the Toledo Free Press Star:

I love collecting vintage postcards (or at least postcards with vintages designs) when I’m  visiting a different city. I was inspired to come up with something like that for our annual guide to “101 ways to spend 101 days in Northwest Ohio.”

072014 A01-32.indd

I’m really happy with the results. It was a great lesson in Illustrator and Photoshop.

We also requested photos and ideas from our Instagram followers (with the hashtag #TFP101).

072014 A4-5 Opinion-STAR Cover.indd

This key to the pictures ran on page seven.

072014 A6-7, 8-9 OneHundredOne.indd

James writes:

This is similar to what we for 419 day back in April. We went with a photo grid on the inside cover and sprinkled their photos throughout the guide.

072014 A6-7, 8-9 OneHundredOne.indd

072014 A6-7, 8-9 OneHundredOne.indd

If you’re ever in the area, the 101 list has some great ideas for exploring our region. Our project editor Jordan Finney, an intern from Hillsdale College, did a fantastic job compiling the list.

Find our complete digital version here.

A 2009 graduate of Marquette in Milwaukee, Wis., James served as a reporter, designer and then visual content editor for the student paper there, the Marquette Tribune.


He spent a couple of months as a designer and editor for the Daily of Chatauqua, N.Y. and then seven months as an apprentice optician at Eyeglass World in Toledo before catching on at the Free Press in 2010. He also covers movies for the Free Press.

Find James’ personal blog here, his portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.

Gannett’s Asbury Park design studio announces two personnel moves

Tim Frank — director of the Gannet Design Studio in Asbury Park — announced Friday:

Team leader Suzy Palma is transferring to Phoenix to be the team leader for The Arizona Republic.


We’re very proud of what Suzy has accomplished here as the Asbury Park art director and then as news team leader for half of our sites. It was that work that drew the attention of the Republic.

I have two Suzy Palma pages in my collection, and they’re both wonderful. There’s this one about the six-month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy


…and this interesting sideways page from when the boardwalk burned last fall.


Tim continues…

The good news is that Joanne Coughlin Walsh will start as a new team leader on Monday.


Joanne joined the studio in 2012 and has already worked on many of your papers. Joanne’s work stands out for her illustration and visual storytelling skills. Those who work with Joanne will appreciate her calm, but confident leadership. We’re really looking forward to seeing her influence and hope you will welcome her.

Tim included a couple of samples of Joanne’s work:


A 1991 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Joanne spent 12 years as a designer for the Staten Island Advance before joining Gannett. She won an award of excellence last year from Communication Arts for an illustration for the Press & Sun Bulletin of Binghamton, N.Y.

Tim concludes:

Joanne will take over Suzy’s responsibilities, working with Omar Vega and the advance news design team.