Birthdays for Wednesday, May 6

Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to five superlative visual journalists…


Paige Braddock is creative director for Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates in Santa Rosa, Calif. A 1985 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Paige spent two years as an artist and illustrator with the Orlando Sentinel before joining the Chicago Tribune in 1991. A year later, she moved to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She left newspapers in 1999 to go to work for Schulz — the famed creator of the Peanuts comic strip — editing and art directing every Peanuts product created in the world and, on occasion, illustrating some herself. Find the Schulz empire’s online home here and Paige’s home page here. Find the home of Paige’s own comic strip, Jane’s World, here. Find a series of graphic novels she’s illustrated — the Martian Confederacy — here. Find her Twitter feed here. Paige turns 52 today.


Josh Kerns is a multimedia storyteller for News Talk 97.3 FM radio, KIRO in Seattle, Wash. A 1991 graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont., Josh earned a master’s degree from American University in Washington, D.C. He worked for KOMO TV in Seattle, Waggener Edstrom in Bellevue, Wash., Weber Shandwick in Seattle and GCTV and WCTV in New York City before joining KIRO in 2007. Find his Twitter feed here.


Jill Reed is a community relations specialist for the city of Torrance, Calif. A 1999 graduate of El Camino College, Jill spent eight years as a designer and copy editor for the Daily Breeze of Torrance. She moved to the Orange County Register in 2006 and worked as a copy editor, page designer and photo editor. She also wrote a food column. Jill left the OCR last summer and started municipal work last September.


Allyson Switzer is a photographer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A 1987 graduate of Winthrop College in Rock Hill, Allyson went to both high school and college with yours truly. She’s one of my best and oldest friends in the world. She started shooting a couple of years ago and is now taking on assignments for the local alt-weekly, Surge. She’s also doing weddings and portrait work. Find her web site here and her Facebook fan page here. In her spare time, Allyson is a school psychologist. Find her Instagram feed here and her Twitter feed here.


Laura Widner is associate director of the Associated Collegiate Press/National Scholastic Press Association and based in Minneapolis. A 1979 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, Laura spent 29 years as director of student publications there at Northwest Missouri State. She earned a master’s degree in 2001 from Iowa State University and a second degree in 2012 from Northwest Missouri State. She became general manager of the Iowa State Daily in 2012 and moved to her current position in January. Find her Twitter feed here.

Josh, Jill, Laura, Allyson and Paige share a birthday with actors George Timothy Clooney, Adrianne Palicki, Gabourey Sidibe and Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguolla (better known as Rudolph Valentino); musicians Robert Broderick James “Robbie” McIntosh (of the Average White Band) and Robert Clarke “Bob” Seger; writer/director/actor George Orson Welles; movie production designer Anton Furst; voice actor Ross Bagdasarian Jr.; TV host Tom Bergeron; sports greats Martin Pierre Brodeur (hockey), Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (boxing), Wendy Ward (golf), Willie Howard Mays Jr. (baseball), Christopher Jason Witten (football), Wilbur Charles “Weeb” Ewbank (football coach) and Christopher “Chris” Emmanuel Paul (basketball); U.K. prime minister Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair; explorer Robert Edwin Peary; historian Theodore Harold White; author Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux and the inventor of psychoanalysis, Sigismund Schlomo Freud.

In addition, today is Bike to School Day, No Diet Day, No Homework Day, Nurses Day, World Asthma Day and the Great American Grump Out. Seriously.

Have a wonderful birthday, y’all! Best wishes!

Nine days in Baltimore

As you know, there has been a lot of news out of Baltimore over the past few days. The Baltimore Sun has done a superb job covering all the events there and even waiving the paper’s metered paywall so folks around the country can better keep up with the protests and unrest in the wake of a police shooting there.

Jay Judge — senior editor for visuals at the Sun — tells us:

It was an incredible week when we had to tell our journalists to go home for some semblance of rest. Everyone just ran toward the news and gave their all. It was an incredible effort.

I love the papers and content we produced, but could not help but be amazed by the fantastic effort of our reporters and photographers in the field, reporting the news in the field better and faster than the competition, which in this case was about every national news outfit out there.

Jay took some time to walk us through the visual highlights of the Sun‘s print coverage over the past nine days. Click on any page here for a much larger — and, hopefully, readable — view.

Edition of SUNDAY, APRIL 26

Jay says:

Our plan was to run an enterprise story on the route of Freddie Gray’s police van at the top, then use protest art if the event merited it. On Friday we did not know how significant the march would be.

It turned ugly in the early evening. With a 8:20 close for our state edition, we made some subtle changes for the first edition and remade the page for later.

For the first edition, we ran a screen grab from a reporter’s video.


For the next edition, we subbed out the screen grab for a still.


The covers were designed by me.

Sunday’s lead photo was by Jim Watson of AFP/Getty Images.

Jay continues:

The picture page was by Peter Dishal.


The lead picture on that page is by staffer Algerina Perna. Kim Hairston shot one and three are by staffer Jerry Jackson.

Edition of MONDAY, APRIL 27

Jay writes:

The calm before the storm. Cover by Bill Wachsberger.


The lead photo is by Algerina Perna.

Edition of TUESDAY, APRIL 28

Jay tells us:

The clashes between police and protesters started during our 3 p.m. news meeting. It was hard for us to all focus without checking TV, Twitter and e-mails.

As the protests turned violent and started to spread, we dispatched reporters and photographers while trying to ensure people were in groups in and effort to make sure everyone was safe. On that day, a photographer was hit by a rock and another assaulted. It was intense.

There was so much noise, at some point I went to my office to spend five minutes of uninterrupted time thinking about the page. Three minutes later, I was back on the floor looking at photos and working the page. We wanted to show multiple sides of the event – the fury of the protesters, the restraint of the police, the aftermath and the funeral of Freddie Gray. I tried to keep the page as clean and elegant as possible.


The lead photo is by Algerina Perna again. The secondary art is by Amy Davis and Jerry Jackson.

Jay says:

I also included a picture page. There were so many great images from photographers who working under tough circumstances, we tried to do a page like this every day.


The lead photo here is by staffer Lloyd Fox. Other pictures are by Jon Sham, Jen Rynda, Algerina Perna and Christopher T. Assaf.

Jay continues:

I also included another jump page with a graphic by Emma Patti Harris.

Here’s the page…


…and here’s a closer look at the graphic:


Edition of WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29

Jay says:

There was lots of varied activity this day that we wanted to show as best we could – from protests to dancing.


We tried to move the ad off of the front this day, to no avail.

Cover by me.

The lead picture is by Lloyd Fox. Bill Wachsberger designed the picture page, Jay says.


The lead picture is by Lloyd Fox. Other pictures are by Amy Davis, Barbara Haddock Taylor and Karl Merton Ferron.

Edition of THURSDAY, APRIL 30

Jay writes:

Many papers focused on the Orioles game in the empty stadium, but that seemed off point to us. There was still a lot of protest in the city, including an enormous and peaceful march to and from City Hall. Going with the protest photo seemed like a better representation of the day to us.


The cover is by me.

The lead photo is by staffer Robert K. Hamilton.

Jay says:

On features, we did a story about coping with the emotional trauma of the riots. We had a great photo from the previous day that had not run. We felt it illustrated that story well.


Page by Peter Dishal.

That picture is by Lloyd Fox.

Jay continues:

And we blew out the Orioles game on sports with a great panorama shot by one of our reporters shooting with an iPhone.


Page by Tracie Rawson.

The iPhone-wielding reporter was Jon Meoli.

Edition of FRIDAY, MAY 1

The cover was  pretty straight forward this day. We were surprised that police handed over their investigation findings to the state’s attorney a day early.


Page by me.

The lead photo is by staffer Kenneth K. Lam.

Edition of SATURDAY, MAY 2

Jay says:

When the charges were announced, my goal was to get the mug shots of the suspects. There was some concern about whether they would be released, so I had six empty holes at the top of the page part of the night. It made me nervous.  We did eventually get them.

If I had gotten them earlier, I was thinking of trying to do something exclusively with them. But I took a more conventional route not knowing when, or if, we would get them. We had a great reaction photo which helped me feel good about that decision.


We added the mugs and quotes on the side for balance.

The lead photo there is by Kim Hairston.

Jay adds:

Cover and jump pages by me.


The lead photo on the jump page is by Lloyd Fox. Secondary art is by Kim Hairston and Karl Merton


Edition of SUNDAY, MAY 3

This was another day we thought that the size of the protest might require we sub out lead art, but it didn’t.

The police had given us exclusive access to follow their investigation into Freddy Gray’s death. We wanted to highlight that on the front. Using some different tools allowed me to highlight the investigation and look different than other days.


Cover by me.

The lead photo is by staffer Karl Merton Ferron.

Jay continues:

Photo page by Peter Dishal.


The large photo there is by staffer Jerry Jackson. Other pictures are by Jen Rynda and Brian Krista.

Edition of MONDAY, MAY 4

Curfew lifted. National Guard preparing to leave. We all try to catch our breath.


Page by Bill Wachsberger.

The lead photo is by Algerina Perna.

Average daily circulation of the Baltimore Sun is 179,574.

Fun with the nameplate

The Clarion Ledger of Jackson, Miss., wins the interwebs today with this fun skybox that interacts nicely with the paper’s nameplate.


Is that cool, or what?

I don’t know who designed this, but these two similar examples from last summer…



…were designed by Merry Eccles of Gannett’s design studio in Nashville.

Find more of Merry’s work here.

Average daily circulation of the Clarion-Ledger is 57,710.

UPDATE: 10:43 a.m. CDT

Bill Campling of the design studio tells me:

Richard Mullins designed this one.

Birthdays for Tuesday, May 5

Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to eight wonderful visual journalists…


Jennifer Becknell is general manager of three small McClatchy-owned papers in north central South Carolina: The Fort Mill Times, the Lake Wylie Pilot and the York Enquirer Herald. A 1983 graduate of the University of Iowa, Jennifer worked at the Herald in Rock Hill, S.C., for many years — 15 of them in the Herald‘s features department. The last three years, she served as the Herald’s city editor. She took on her new duties in 2010.


Bill Boykins is a designer and editor based in Anniston, Ala. Bill spent nearly 19 years as a designer, copy editor and then news editor for the Anniston Star before moving to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2000. He spent six years as a designer, a year as a picture editor and then another year as a special sections editor before leaving the AJC in 2008 to return to Jacksonville State University. As a “nontraditional” student, Bill served internships with the school’s public relations department and a radio station and spent a year as editor-in-chief of the school’s student paper, the Chanticleer. He graduated in 2010 and is currently working for AT&T. Bill turns 53 today.


Marna Coetzee is an account executive for Young & Rubicam Group, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. A product of both the University of Johannesburg and the University of South Africa, Marna spent time as a digital administrator for the Citizen newspaper before joining Y&R in December. Her mom, Tarina, is a freelance designer for print and digital and her dad, Réhann, is a freelance journalist. Marna turns 22 today. Find her Twitter feed here.


Lisa Frasier is a freelance designer based in Orlando, Fla. A graduate of Grand View College in Des Moines, Iowa, Lisa spent eight years as an artist for the Des Moines Register before moving to the Orlando Sentinel in 1996. She worked briefly at the News-Journal of Daytona Beach before joining the Orange County (Fla.) government in 2007 as a designer and editor in 2007. She took the plunge into business for herself in 2011 with her new company, BNRTST. For three years, she also taught infographics at the University of Central Florida. Find her company’s web site here, her news design portfolio here and her Twitter feed here.


Jeremy Glover is Sunday editor of the Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch. A graduate of William and Mary, Jeremy spent two years as an assistant night editor for the Danville, Va., Register & Bee and a year as a graphic artist and designer for the Lynchburg News and Advance before moving to Richmond in 2003 as A1 and special projects designer. He moved into his current position in February. Find Jeremy’s web site here.


Michael Hogue is graphics editor of the Dallas Morning News. He’s a product of Wichita State University. Find his web site here and his blog here. Michael turns 47 today.


Thomas Marcetti Jr. is associate managing editor for neighborhood news for the Daily Sun of the Villages, Fla. A 2007 graduate of Central Michigan University, Thomas spent two years as news editor of the Hilldale (Mich.) Daily News before moving to the Daily Sun in 2010. Find his burger blog here.


Jake Newton is a recent graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and a former designer and editor for the student paper there, the Post. He has served internships with the Chautauquan Daily and the Los Angeles Times. Find his portfolio here and his Twitter feed here.

Marna, Jeremy, Thomas, Jake, Michael, Lisa, Jennifer and Bill share a birthday with actors Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, Michael Edward Palin, Tyrone Edmund Power Jr., Patricia Ann “Pat” Carroll, Ann Bradford Davis, Danielle Christine Fishel, Kristina Louise “Tina” Yothers, John Rhys-Davies and Michael Anthony “Marc” Alaimo; musicians Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (who normally goes only by her first name), Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown, Craig Ashley David and Virginia Wynette Pugh (better known as Tammy Wynette); sports greats Charles Nagy (baseball), Anthony Robert “Tony” Canadeo (football), LaPhonso Darnell Ellis, Harold David Miner and Matthew Robert Bonner (all three basketball); philosopher Karl Heinrich Marx and broadcast journalists Redi Tlhabi and Brian Douglas Williams.

In addition to Cinco de Mayo, today is International Midwives’ Day, National Teacher Day, Totally Chipotle Day, Childhood Stroke Awareness Day, Childhood Depression Awareness Day and Cartoonists Day. Seriously.

Best wishes for a truly great birthday today, all!

Birthdays for Monday, May 4

Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to a pair of fabulous visual journalists…


Kevin Armstrong is special projects content editor for the Tulsa World. A 1982 graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Kevin earned a master’s degree from the University of Missouri in 1984 before joining the Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk, Va.. He worked a number of positions over 24 years, the last being editor of the Clipper, the Pilot’s zoned edition for the city of Chesapeake. Kevin moved back to Tulsa in 2008 to teach news and feature writing and media law at Oral Roberts University and to direct the student newspaper and the yearbook. Kevin left ORU in a highly-publicized incident in 2013. He went on to found Oklahoma Journalists for Justice, a nonprofit group devoted to seeking out cases of wrongful conviction and imprisonment. In January 2014 he was hired by the World. Find his Twitter feed here. Kevin turns 53 today.


Juan Carlos Ramírez‬ is graphics editor of el Financiero of Mexico City. A 2005 graduate of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Xochimilco, Mexico, Juan Carlos spent a year-and-a-half as a designer for Grupo Reforma and then ten years at Notmusa before becoming deputy director of art and deisgn for la Razón in 2009. He left that paper last year, worked for el Universal and helped found Visual Sports before joining el Financiero in January.

Juan Carlos and Kevin share a birthday with actors William Emerson “Will” Arnett, Audrey Kathleen Ruston (better known as Audrey Hepburn), Pia Alfreda Schipani (better known as Pia Zadora) and Ana Kritina Gasteyer; musicians James Lance Bass, Randy Bruce Traywich (better known as Randy Travis), Michael Ryan Pritchard (better known as Mike Dirnt of Green Day) and Richard Anthony Monsour (better known as Dick Dale); novelist Robert Brian “Robin” Cook; deposed Egyptian leader Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak; sports greats Kenneth Raymond “Ken” Oberkfell (baseball), James Andrew Harrison Jr. (football), John Harold Force (auto racing), Rory McIlroy and Robert Raymond “Bob” Tway IV (both golf); sports journalists Charissa Thompson and Erin Jill Andrews and columnist George Frederick Will.

In addition to Intergalactic Star Wars Day — you know: “May the Fourth be With You” — today is Melanoma Monday, Petite and Proud Day, World Give Day, International Firefighters Day and International Respect for Chickens Day. Seriously.

Have a wonderful birthday, you two! Best wishes!